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The Right Student Writing Job for You

If you’ve been looking for information about student writing opportunities, including freelance writing, you are on the right track to having a great job that will not only help put you through college but help you put you head and shoulders above your peers when it comes time to graduate and begin a career in your chosen field. Finding the best arrangement for a student writing job is the key to your success, so you can enjoy the benefits that come from writing without all of the headaches typically associated with the freelance writing industry. Continue reading

A Student Writing Job Offers Freedom

Most college students who need to find a job to help pay their way through their college years feel trapped in low-wage, thankless jobs that barely help them get by and do little or nothing for their future. Making sandwiches, squeezing cheese into burritos, waiting tables, stocking shelves, cleaning toilets, trimming hedges, and the list goes on and on and on.  Meanwhile, there are students who enjoy freedom in a student writing job that pays well, develops a prized skill, and looks great on future resumes. The problem is that most college students have been trained to think that what worked 20 years ago still applies in today’s economy. Continue reading

Earn Money in a Student Writing Job

You can start earning good money in a student writing job almost as soon as you take the time to apply. There really isn’t much to it, but some people fail to understand what a student writer does, how they get paid, and what a great opportunity it can be for the everyday college student.  However, for those that take a few moments to find out more and apply to be a student writer, college life couldn’t get any sweeter!

Before going into great length about what it means to be a student writer (it’s not what many of you think), it is good to remind yourself of the job options that face most of your college-age peers. Unfortunately, most people in college wind up waiting tables, stocking shelves, or flipping burgers in order to earn some spare change. A few manage to find glorified versions of the above, like being the hostess, supervising those that stock the shelves, or whipping up mocha-this-or-that at a local coffee shop, but by-and-large, most jobs available to college students are low-wage, low-reward roles that look like a black eye, when included on a job resume. You want a shining resume – not a “shiner” on your resume. Continue reading

Freelance Writing Can Pay for College

There are few jobs available to college students these days that actually pay enough to make things interesting. Freelance writing is one of the few. It not only has better earnings potential, but it has many other advantages that make it the perfect job for college students. Plus, getting started is easier than you might think.


Freelance writers are paid on a production basis. That means the more they work, the more they make. If they work faster and smarter, the earn more. This means that as a freelance writer, you have some control over how much you make. You are not beholden to the minimum-wage, high school drop out supervisors that your peers have3 to put up with. Instead, you will determine how much or how little you want to work. Continue reading

Freelance Writing Turns Homework Into Cash

Money still doesn’t grow on trees, but these days there are legitimate ways to earn money from unexpected places. One surprising place you can find money is in doing your homework. College students spend hours and hours completing papers, essays, lecture notes, and writing assignments, but few of them realize that they can turn that old homework into cold, hard cash by freelance writing.

Companies and organizations in virtually all industries are looking for content to help boost their search engine results rankings and increase traffic to their websites and other online web properties. This means that there is demand for articles, blog posts, website copy, ads, and many other types of written online content that will help drive traffic. This content crosses virtually every area of industry, business, research, and study, which means that if you find yourself writing about it in college, there is likely someone, somewhere who is willing to pay you to write about the same thing for them. With a few tweaks to your old homework assignments, you can add the right keywords and basic information needed to meet a writing job’s requirements, earning you a fist full of cash! Continue reading

Freelance Writing Is a Great Job for Students

Looking for a job as a student can be a daunting task. You need to find something that pays well, fits within your tight schedule, and doesn’t resemble a black eye or “shiner” on your future resumes. Additionally, it would be nice to avoid the grease-stained t-shirts, getting to and from your job, pimple breakouts that result from slaving away in hot oily kitchens, and the demoralizing subservience to high school dropouts. Freelance writing is one of the few careers readily available to college students that lets you escape all of these negatives, while simultaneously delivering all of the positives. Continue reading

College Summer Jobs that Actually Pay

As a college student looking for college summer jobs, looking through the help-wanted ads in your local newspaper can be about as depressing as thumbing through the obituaries. Frankly, the accounts of people who lived great lives can often be more inspiring than coming to the realization that there are very few jobs that actually pay well.

In the past, college students could get the low-wage job around town in order to help pay for college, but these days, with the increasing costs of tuition, fees, rent, transportation, and the like, the gap between what most college students can earn during the summer and what it takes to survive the school year grows bigger and bigger. Even with expensive student loans and promissory notes that sell yourself into years of future servitude to your debts, you are barely able to get by these days. Continue reading