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Healthy Employees are more Cost Effective

What is rising faster than the cost of employee health benefits?  Nothing.  Employers are scrambling to find ways to cut cost and still provide decent coverage.  Healthcare costs are crippling small business.  What can small business and corporations do to minimize cost?  The best line of defense is a good offense.  Corporate wellness is about preventative care.

If corporations can motivate employees to become and stay healthy, everyone wins.  Company sponsored weight loss contest, fun runs and healthy eating awareness are just a few of the steps companies are taking in being proactive towards health care.  Healthy employees are cheaper employees. Continue reading

How to Find the Right NYC Event Space for Your Next Special Event

Finding the right NYC event space for your next party or special event can be very difficult. However, there are certain things that you can check for to ensure that you have found the right venue for your party or event needs. The most important things to look for include:

  1. Proximity – The event space should be conveniently located so that your guests can easily commute there. This will make them more likely to attend the special event or meeting. Continue reading